About Safety 3rd Customs

I started this company six years ago when I purchased my first Humvee. It was then I realized the need for rocker protection since the Humvee body is built from aluminum. There weren’t many options out there for after-market parts for these trucks, so I made the first set of basic rock sliders for myself.  I had no plans to sell anything. Guys started asking where they could buy a set after I posted some pictures of my rig, so I saw there was a market for this product and started selling them. I now offer four different versions of my rock sliders.

I have been committed to quality over quantity since day one. My rock sliders fit the body perfectly from the front to the back.  This tight fit places all of the heavy lifting on the rock sliders and not the bolts. Other copy-cat companies out there do not follow the body lines completely.  This puts all of the stress on the bolts while off roading …. not a good thing!  Bolts should just keep the rock sliders from falling off.

I offer various other products as well as the rock sliders.  I have been successfully selling these products for six years mostly via word of mouth and on Facebook. I strive to treat every customer like they are my only customer, always keeping their needs and a quality product as my priority and this business practice pays off creating repeat business.

Why Buy From Us?

 We pride ourselves on providing expert advice and guidance to ourcustomers, helping them to find the right parts for their vehicles.

*   100% made in America, made in Sophia, North Carolina

*   Computer laser cut and folded from one piece of steel notwelded for  better performance and durability.

*    Designed to fit your Humvee/ Hummer perfectly

*    Comes with all the hardware needed for Installation

*    *EASY ATTACH CARRIAGE BOLTS 1.5” Carriage bolts bolt through the rocker panel


*½ drill bit required to drill the holes

More About Our Products!

These are the originals! Beware of the copycats out there. These are not pieces of angle welded together. These are 3/16″ vs 1/8″ steel. These are laser cut and folded from one piece of steel. My sliders are designed to fit the body lines of the Humvee/Hummer.


The design allows for the sliders to do all of the heavy lifting. Other designs put all the stress on the hardware because the sliders are not a tight fit to the body. 1/2″ bolts in an aluminum body being forced to handle the weight of these rigs WILL NOT turn out good. My design puts ZERO stress on the mounting points. The hardware merely keep the rock sliders from falling off.


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